Changing the world one journey at a time

Life is a journey with many different paths. Along the way from the people we meet to the places we go, it helps to shape a human being such as myself. I am genuinely grateful for the journey that I have had and will gratefully continue to have in the future. I hope this site will reflect that, not only through the lens (with photography) but also through the experiences that I have had working in the healthcare field through my blog. Parts of my life revolve around technology, health, healthcare, fitness, and theology about the nature of society and its context withing the grand skim of the universe . I will hopefully share some of those experience and thoughts in hopes that it touches someone's life and hopefully impacts their journey in some way. Photography is my hobby, but it allows me a moments glimpse into the realm of possibilities and wonders around me. I hope that this website captures the true essence of who I am while on this journey. Thank you, and may you have a great journey as well.